Jungle Survival Program – 8 days

Day 1

Arrive in Iquitos and be transported to Nauta. From Nauta, you will travel by boat for approximately 5 hours and arrive in the Tamshiacu Yanayacu Reserve. That night, you will stay in a basecamp.

Day 2

After breakfast, you will pack your bags and begin your hike to Yarina Lake, enjoying a 3 hour hike and tour through the Amazon jungle. On this hike, you will see various types of monkeys, birds, snakes, and various other local creatures. Along the way, your guide will show you how to locate drinkable water in native vines. In addition, your guide will locate and describe many medicinal plants and their uses.

When you arrive at the lake, you will continue your learning experience by foraging for food. Afterward, the local guide will teach you to build your own natural weapons, such as spears, harpoons, and blowguns so that you can hunt and catch your food. (You will camp for 2 days at the Lake and will continue your learning experience.)

Day 3

Enjoy another day of learning survival skills with your guide. Camp overnight at Lake Yarina.

Day 4

Wake up at Lake Yarina and enjoy breakfast in the peaceful nature. After, your guide will help you find balsa wood to build a raft for crossing the lake. After building your raft, you can enjoy fishing and paddling around the lake. After, you will cross the lake and continue on with your adventure. On the other side of the lake, you will build and set up camp for the night.

Day 5

After breakfast, enjoy exploring the diverse foliage of the jungle as you continue to your next destination on a 4 hour hike through the Amazon to the Tahuayo River. At the river, enjoy camping in this unique, secluded part of the forest.

Day 6

Wake up refreshed at the beautiful Tahuayo River. After, you will explore the surrounding area with your guide or choose to relax and spend your time at your leisure. At night, you will cook food and camp next to the river.

Day 7

After waking up from your second night at the Tahuayo River, you will begin your journey back through the Amazon and once again camp at Lake Yarina. Throughout the day, you will continue learning about medicinal plants, native animals, and indigenous survival skills.

Day 8

After breakfast, you will continue your trek back through the Amazon, where your boat will be waiting to take you back to Nauta. From Nauta, you will be transported back to Iquitos in order to continue on with your adventures in Peru.


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The cost for this trip is $1200 per person.

Group discount rates are available.

Included in the cost of this trip is:

  • All transportation throughout the trip,
  • lodging
  • All meal
  • indigenous tourist guides
  • classes about Amazonian survival skills, and
  • camping gear such boots, mosquito nets, hammocks, and jungle tools (machete, harpoon, bow and arrow, blowgun, etc.)

Not included:

  • International flights to Peru
  • domestic flight to Iquitos

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