Full Day River Tour

This is a full day river tour, great if you only have limited time in Iquitos….

At 8.am pick up from your hotel from where we will depart to the port.

We will take our boat and journey downstream of the Amazon basin for a full day of the discovery of Peru’s largest rainforest.

Keep your eyes wide open and your binoculars at the ready to catch sight of COCOI HERON AND STRIAATED HERON, LOLORFUL MACAWS, SQUIRREL and differents kind of monkeys,sloth,mammal species.

Current counts record more than 200 birds species and 9 primate species within its bounderis, our route will take us over 2 hours to reach to the Bombonaje comunity. Along the way our guides will point out the interesting wildlife species that inhabit the riverbanks – not to mention unusual fish and vegetation in the river.
Back onboard,we will gather for lunch afterwards we will keep discovering the Bombonaje community lakes where you will have good chance to make as sport fishing to catch Piranhas, catfish, sardines, barracudas,etc.

Using canoe into tahuampa forest, flooded forest, canoe past giant ficus trees, see hoatzin birds, honered screemere, caiman, alligators, iguanas, river turtles, cormorants, watle jacana.

We return to our riverboat and prepare to meet a local indian familys, they will welcome us into their home to share conversation and introducing you to their culture as well.

its back to civilization Iquitos city around 6.pm and we will ride the local motocars to go leave you at your hotel.


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