Full Day Jungle Tour visiting Alltahuayo Mishana Reserve

For the busy traveler. If you only have few day in Iquitos this is trip for you. This is just a day trip, therefore it is much closer to Iquitos than our other programs.

One of the best to visit in the jungle which is called Alltahuayo Mishana reservatation, famous for its biodiversity, flora, and fauna located on the highway of Iquitos city.

We begin our travel via car on our way to the reservation Alltahuayo Mishana which is aproximately 45 minutes away.

Upon arrival at the investigation centre of Alltahuayo Mishana, we register and afterwards we begin by exploring the zone in tierra firme ecology to study plant diversity including a trek to frog valley to see poison dart frog conservation and breeding study project.


The Alltahuayo Mishana Reserve is considered one of the most important area of biodiversity in the world. 9 of which are primate, 449 birds species and 250 reptile and amphibian species have been documented.

The objecttive of the Reserve are to foster Reseach and protection for all species of wildlife,foster socio-economic help for the local people and utilization of resources and tourism. Tourism play an important role in that it brings in funds through an entrance fee that helps support the various programs and promotes awareness of the wildlife and plant for its continued protecton.

Alltahuayo Mishana Reserve is a good place to see alot of birds, monkeys, amphibian, reptiles.etc.


In this area,not only the flauna and flora, the beautiful landscapes constitute focuses of in forest, the unique untouched scenery, the exuberant forest and the rich wildlife make the reserve and attractive destination for ecological tourism, scientific expedition, exploration

7.am pick up from your hotel and to directly to visit the Alltahuayo Mishana Reserve and exploring more or less 5 hours around the Reserve, watching so many wildlife and came back to the main base camp to have lunch and afterwards we will visit another good place which is called Manatee Rescue centre.

The Amazonia Manatee is very rare and endangered mammal unique to the Amazon jungle. this center focuses on rescuing  orphaned Manatees that have been victims of poaching. The centre helps rehabilitate and reintroduce these wonderful creatures back into the Amazon basin.

Here you will see the efforts and have the opportunity to feed these amazing and loveable animals…..

Visitors are welcome to help feed them.


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